Gas Processing
QED designs and installs power generation facilities around the world that run on anything from natural gas to bunker oil. We install handle reciprocating engines from 300kw to 50mw and gas turbines from 500kw to 50mw.
QED designs and supervises the lifting and placement of some of the largest equipment in the Western Hemisphere. Shown on the left and below is our 440 ton Demag crane which is based in Jamaica. This crane is capable of reaching 348 feet in the air and handling loads in excess of 180,000 lbs.

In addition to our own equipment, we regularly work with most of the major heavy lift companies in the world.
QED operates a fleet of heavy hauling equipment. On the left is a 13 axle steerable trailer that we expanded to 16 axles to move this 151 foot long liquid nitrogen tank out of Chicago. This load weighed over 400,000 lbs and was nearly 200 feet long when finally assembled.

The bottom left picture shows a Goldhofer trailer we leased for our Barbados job. This unit successfully moved loads ranging from 150 to 170 tons across the island of Barbados.

The picture on the right is one of two 100 ton conventional trailers we own and operate in Jamaica and the surrounding islands.
Full-Air Separation Plant
Natural Gas Processing Plant
Nitrogen Plant - Joffre, Alberta
Nitrogen Plant - Strathmore, Alberta
Florida Gas Conditioning Plant
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Energy Production & Transportation
GE Industrial Gas Turbine
30 Mw Slow Speed Diesel Engines
Crude Oil Terminals
Oil & Gas Production
Power Generation
Pratt & Whitney FT-8
Heavy Lifting
Heavy Transport
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Click each link to view information and photos
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