Natural Gas Processing
Located in the heart of Los Angeles, less than three miles from LAX Airport, the Inglewood oil field has been producing oil and gas for over 80 years. Though much of its reserves have been depleted, drilling in adjacent areas has continued to supply its aging facilities.
QED managed a major update of Inglewood's gas processing plant replacing its antiquated equipment with modern rebuilt equipment. Updated equipment included inlet compression, an 80 gpm DEA absorption system and a -30 low temperature process plant utilizing a liquid propane refrigerant cycle. Total compression for the plant was over 4,000 horsepower.
Recovered natural gas liquids from the process were fractionated into an HD-10 propane stream and a stabilized BG mix. Residual natural gas was metered into the local distribution network for Los Angeles. The Inglewood gas plant provides over 9,000 gallons of clean burning propane and 15 million cubic feet of natural gas for the Los Angeles area.
Propane produced in the plant is loaded into tanker trucks through an automated system that includes metered odorant injection. Propane storage shown in the picture to the left included two 30,000 gallon bullets equipped with double deluge fire protection systems.
Built primarily of reconditioned equipment, components were assembled from seven states. The use of reconditioned equipment allowed the plant to be built for 1/3 the cost of a similar new plant.
The plant was constructed entirely within the bounds of the existing plant with no interruption of ongoing activities. Plant operation began operations less than six months after beginning construction with the plant reaching full capacity within nine months.
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