Crude Oil Terminals
Designed and managed the construction of Plains Cushing Crude Oil Terminal with a initial capacity of 2 million barrels expandable to 10 million barrels and 600,000 bpd.
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Cushing, Oklahoma Crude Oil Terminal
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Built to exceed all environmental and safety requirements, the Cushing Terminal continues to be the model for future terminals.
Utilizing twin 24" headers within each of the tank clusters allowed complete segregation of sweet and sour crude oils within the facility.  Tanks were underlined with HDPE secondary containment.  Terminal piping was elevated for continuous monitoring.
Clustering of the tanks allowed for the use of central pumping and metering without additional boosters.  Transfer of oil within and out of the facility utilizes one of four deep-well can pumps.  Dual wall containment was used on all pump cases as well as the facility oil/water separator and sump tank.   Surface drainage from the facility flows by gravity through a three level containment system using local and remote impounding.  Facility was equipped with a dedicated fire water and foam system.
Located in Cushing, Oklahoma, the pipeline crossroads of America, QED designed and managed the construction of Plains Marketing's Terminal.   Constructed in only 16 months for the unheard of cost of $27 million, this terminal was the first domestic grassroots terminal in over 25 years.  With over 2 million barrels of storage, the facility handles is designed to handle over 600,000 BPD.
The metering system consists of sixteen 10-inch positive displacement meters and a dedicated meter prover.  The facility is operated from a central control terminal by a single operator through a dual redundant SCADA system.
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